The sublime Bliss experience, reconnecting ecstasy to everyday life

What is a Tantric Massage?

Sexual energy is the source of our aliveness. A Tantric massage expands our capacity for sensual pleasure by freeing our creativity which is located around the sacral chakra. A full body Tantric massage is liberating sexual energy and distributes it throughout the body rather than have it just concentrated in the hip basin or genital area.

A Tantric massage can be truly transformational in the way in which we reach a new level of orgasmic existence, attaining a fresh new way of relating to our body and to others, revitalising existing relationships and enabling us to make new connections, as it opens the heart connections between us and the universe. We feel truly alive and experience the sexual fire at the core of our being.

Tantric massage is a full-body massage experience in the literal sense of the word. Much attention is given to the balancing of the 7 energy centers known as chakras and the release of energy blockages in the meridians which conduct the life force energy often referred to as Chi. Once the Chi channels have been opened, a free flow of the sexual energy, often referred to as the Kundalini shakti energy power, which is coiled up in the base of the first chakra is then directed up the Shushumna, a central energy channel running parallel to the spine and distributed throughout the body with the sensuous and gentle strokes of the giver.

What is a Tantric Orgasmic Experience?

Many distorted perceptions exist about Tantra because it works with the sexual energy. There is nothing pornographic about the giving or receiving of a tantric massage. We create sacred space and honour each other in the meeting of the male and the female energies. If practiced in the safe harbour of an existing relationship, it will deepen the intimate connection between the partners and enrich their lives beyond measure.

Tantra is a way of honouring the divine within and combining the dynamic male and the receptive female energies within each person. Each Tantric massage is entered into in the spirit of love, respect and harmony with each other and with the universal energy force. The aim of the Tantric Massage is to expand the capacity for wholeness and illuminating the essence of our core being.

Orgasm is really hard to define, quite probable there are as many different orgasms as there are people. It is such an individual experience. But it can be categorised into two very different ways of experiencing it, based on the way the energies flow through the body.

Peak Orgasm

The most familiar orgasmic experience for most people is the peak orgasm. Where we deliberately build up to the climax, something we often expend a lot of physical effort to achieve, it becomes a linear, goal-orientated activity of intensified sensations culminating in a deliciously glorious crescendo. This build up of activity necessitates also a build up of a lot of tension within the pelvic area, which ten leads to this quick and sudden release in the orgasmic climax which normally lasts only a few seconds.

Valley Orgasm

Contrasted to the peak experience is the Valley Orgasm, this is more like an invitation to experience the here and now, without any fixed goal. An orgasm may or may not happen, this is not the intention of the exercise. The focus is on the joy of the moment, to fully be with your partner or to be fully present in the moment and experience each nuance of stimulation with the fullest awareness and consciousness. This openness and acceptance creates the foundation for a different kind of orgasmic experience to emerge. It is more a situation of BE more and DO less. To open up to experience the radiation and expansion of the sexual energy through out the whole of the body awakening an inner sensitivity to the flow of the sexual energy. It becomes a timeless experience without a specific beginning or end. It can last for a few moments or for a few hours, sometimes even expanding into days or weeks. Rather than being released from the body the sexual energy is turning inwards and gathers within the system generating vitality and creativity. The whole body is wrapped in rapture and vibrating at a constant tremouring or Spanda in the sanskrit scriptures. This is what is referred to as the full body orgasm.

What makes a Tantric Massage so special?

Our mind is the most powerful sexual organ. As long as the mind is actively operating on the top-level of our awareness, it will manipulate and distort. It is our mind which will re-enact past traumas, our mind which will re-connect with past events and like an infinity loop keep us trapped in the cell memory of the past. Our mind is also responsible for not being able to fully experience this very moment, this instant of the NOW because it will project into the future, we worry about what will happen when…, wait for the “perfect moment”, the perfect event when everything is just as we imagined it to be. This prevents us from fully connecting and fully experiencing the magic of this very second of our existence.

Most traditional massage techniques follow a predictable pattern. Our mind/ brain is working on prediction what will happen next. Many experiments have shown this function of the rational mind, be it in its ability to recognize full words when only a fraction of the letters are presented or other such scientific research. The brain will continually predict what will happen next, and with traditional holistic massage, the brain is able to do just this. Tantric massage contains also an element of spontaneity, a certain unpredictability, so that even the giver of the massage does not know where the next move will take it. The brain/mind of the receiver of the Tantric massage will continue to try to predict the continuation of the movement. After only a short space of time, all its attempts to predict and anticipate where the sensation will continue to are not correct and then the brain/mind will fight this lack of predictability, but only for a very short time, after this something wonderful happens, the brain/mind gives up, it surrenders and goes into a state of far deeper relaxation than any other conventional massage technique will take you. It is in this state of deeper brainwave pattern where the deep healing work of the Tantric massage takes place.

Through my unique ability to heal sexual trauma and release damaging cell memory, it facilitates the faster liberation of the sexual energy. Once the Kundalini shakti energy power is awakened and guided up the energy channels, it enables the experience of the full body orgasm, which is very different from the sudden explosive sexual release many experience when the sexual energy is trapped in the hip basin and has nowhere to go. This kind of release is often experienced as energetically draining, leaving us feeling spent and sleepy. Whilst the full body orgasm uring a tantric massage is an experience which can continue for days or even weeks, constantly re-energizing the body and mind, living in sublime bliss and ecstasy every moment of the day.

Healing Sexual Problems with Tantric Massage

Receiving a Tantric massage from an experienced tantrika can help to release sexual blockages and sexual traumas and free up the ability of the person to experience all aspects of life deeper and fuller, being more in the NOW and maintaining this state of bliss for extended periods of time.

My extensive 3 year training at the London School of Energy Healing has developed my psychic sensitivity to feeling energetic blockages and given me the tools to remove and heal the deeply rooted sexual traumas many of us carry within the memory of our cells, which often has happened in very early childhood before we have had the capacity to form intellectual memories in our brain.

Many of these sexual traumas are the cause of our inability to relax and keep us locked in a constant state of stress, the typical stance of fight or flight alertness. This can be the root cause for many sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, inability to climax, lack of intimacy in relationships and many more.

Depending on the severity of the underlying sexual traumas which need to be healed it may be necessary to have several sessions of Tantric massage to open the energy system enough to be able to experience the revitalizing and liberating sexual energy released in the full body orgasm. However many happy clients have reported improvements with their issues after just one single session.

Everyday stress keeps piling up and even without underlying sexual traumas can temporarily influence our ability to enjoy and fully be present with our partner during love making. A full body Tantric massage is the ultimate in total de-stress therapy, revitalizing and re-energizing the body for both partners.

Benefits of a Tantric Massage:

Relaxation: - we live in a world of fast moving, constant change, our senses are overloaded with stimulations, advertising, demands, expectations. Even in normal sleep we often do not reach a state of total relaxation, which leads to build up of stress and inability to sleep and unwind. A tantric massage is like a journey back into the body, an expansion and holiday for all of the senses, which may sound like a contradiction or paradox. But in fact the spontaneity of the tantric massage takes the body into a far deeper level of relaxation than any tranditional holistic massage is able to achieve. It is truly the ultimate stress buster, an oasis from the fast moving world of commerce and comptetition.

Re-vitalising: - Through the release of sexual energy into the body without the loss of the vital life force through ejaculation, the body is being re-energised, revitalised and rejuvenated. In the old chineese tradition tantric practices were safeguarded as secrets to the ruling classes to prolong life and health.

It has proven especially helpful with the following conditions relating to impotence and frigidity:
Premature Ejaculationlearning how to control the internal flow of energy with breath-work and extended awareness helps to reprogram the body to concentrate on the joy and bliss of the moment. Stress and anxiety are the root causes of premature ejaculation. It only takes one negative experience to set up a loop of worry that it might happen again. This creates the cell memory which keeps the body locked in this loop. During the Tantric Massage, these cell memories can be unlocked, removed and the body reprogrammed to set up a different outcome expectation.

Erectile DysfunctionIn a state of deep relaxation and feelings of oneness the mechanisms which have previously hijacked the emotions into a state of stress and re-enacting previous experiences can be reprogrammed and reawakened. The negative experience loop for erectile problems is similar to the one for premature ejaculation. Fear, even if it is rooted in the subconscious can have a stranglehold on the mind. Our society creates much pressure and emphasis on male performance. Through the unique deep relaxation achieved during a Tantric massage, these anxiety loops can be disengaged and healed, this frees the body to act and react in the way it was originally designed to perform.

Frigidity – or inability to orgasm - This is the female way of expressing the overload of expectations, responsibilities and disconnection from her creative power. Let’s face it, who wants to be content with “faking it”? The underlying sexual traumas many women carry within the memory of their cells are often much deeper and older than the ones carried by men. Although women can express their emotions quite well, the subconscious fears and anxieties are often so deeply buried that they can not be explored in counseling or other mind-consciousness based therapies. A full body Tantric massage can give access to these cell memories and heal them to unlock the body’s ability to experience a full body orgasm.

Lack of passion in a relationshipas long as we make our partner responsible for our sexual experience, we live in a world of blame and retribution. True intimacy blossoms out of taking responsibility back and dealing with our own issues, opening up channels for living in authentic truth and unconditional love. A liberation into true ecstatic being.

A Tantric massage enables male and female energies to be balanced within the individual; it connects us to the source of our creativity. A Tantric Massage lets us drop to a deeper level of consciousness, experiencing every aspect of our lives in a state of ecstatic bliss and expanded awareness.