The sublime Bliss experience, reconnecting ecstasy to everyday life

4 Handed Massage

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can now offer my clients  something very special!  Fortune has smiled on us, as I have finally found someone with similar experience and true professionalism; together we make a truly intuitively responsive team.

A Real Treat for all the senses. Words can hardly describe the amazing experience this kind of massage offers. 

Imagine yourself being totally loved and appreciated, every part of your body touched by loving hands simultaneously. Your brain is not able to process so much pleasure all in one moment, so your mind surrenders into the marshmallow cloud of receiving without time to analyse or process the information. The result is a profoundly deep experience. Like being touched right down at the soul level.

4 Handed Massage on the Massage Table ( 2 hour session)

If you love the normal Tantric Massage, you will find that having 2 loving pairs of hands skilfully  soothing and opening up your senses to take you to a level of sensual awakening that often is only reached after many years of diligent meditation and tantric practices. The lovely Isa and Ros will make you feel at ease and relaxed from the moment you arrive and take you on a journey of  bliss and ecstasy. Allow yourself to be surprised, to explore previously uncharted territory of your own capacity to connect to joy.

4 Handed Massage on the Floor ( 2 hour session)

As with the 4 handed Tantric Massage on the table, be prepared to let go of stress and all the things which stop you from really truly letting yourself go and indulge in pure pleasure. The Floor session is even more intimate and allows for more physical contact. It gives the receiver more freedom of movement and ability to change positions, this is especially important if you need to support or protect any part of your body ( bad back, sports injuries etc). We start the session dressed in a sarong, which after the initial welcoming ritual will be removed and the rest of this session is purely naturist.

If you have any specific requests, this is best discussed before the start of the session, as you may find that you find yourself very soon in a space of bliss and rapture, beyond words and rationality.

If yo have not met my friend and new assistant Isa, please check out her profile in the "Tantrika" section. I know you will love her and it is easy to trust in her experience and feel totally at home as she has a truly welcoming manner.

Tantric Massage for Couples

Creating a safe and sacred space to reconnect with each other. A truly magical experience for couples to expand within the spirit of pure undiluted love from the source. In the comfort of your own home find new ways of deepening intimacy – into – me – see, learning to respond to each other on the energetic level, building trust and honouring each other.

This session is specifically tailored to your individual needs with the intention to experience ONE-ness with each other and with the universal consciousness; teaching you how to share pure bliss and ecstasy in the spirit of generosity and expansion with each other.

Has the stress of everyday life created a loop of distance and are the shared moments losing the intensity and vibrancy of the time when you first fell in love with each other? Perhaps now is the right time to surprise yourself and discover the true lover within you and within your partner. 

The 4 hour session will take you both on a journey of self discovery, finding new ways of relating to each other into an expanded shining light body, awakening the power of your Kundalini to energize each single cell in your body.