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Tandava – The Hindu God Shiva's dance of Creation, Preservation and Dissolution of the universe. Representing the male principle of dynamic energy.

Lasya – The Hindu God Shiva’s wife Parvati's dance of graceful, feminine, fluid movement. Representing the feminine principle to balance the vigorous explosion of Shiva' dance.

The tantric dance of unity, mediation in motion. All life begins with the breath, and so also begins the tantric dance of Oneness with the awareness of the energy flow originating in the breath. It forms the vertical axis, the stabilising entrance door to the harmony within our body.

What follows then is the journey into the horizontal axis of the ever evolving, ever expanding web of our consciousness.

Lasya – Tandava is the meditative practice to open the gates into the microcosm of the human body, the infinite space between the cells of each living organism. A journey into harmony and bliss beyond description. Daily practice of this wonderfully ecstatic dance of harmony and balance enhances everyone’s journey to the inner self.

Whether you are on the road to self-healing, on the road to self-realization, on the road of spiritual awakening or on the road of finding balance and harmony in a stressful life this gentle tantric practice is open to anyone, any age, any ability. Everybody finds their own way to access this state of ananda - bliss. It is a roadmap to the inner wisdom of the body.

Deep Dive - Individual Training

Over the years I have been approached by some of my clients with requests for deeper individual training.

I have resisted the temptation of working with groups but prefer to work with individuals to support them on their journey to awaken to conscious loving and living. Whether you are on a spiritual journey, or are deepening your desire for more intimate relationships, or having to deal with sexual trauma and are on a journey of healing and transformation. These individual training sessions are specifically designed for you.

The minimum commitment is for 6 month at a time. This includes 2 sessions per month for about 2 hours each time. After the 6 month we review and decide if you want to continue or if you have achieved your desired goals.

If you feel that this is of interest to you, please contact me directly.

For details write to