The sublime Bliss experience, reconnecting ecstasy to everyday life

Prices: Tantric Massage:

2 hours of Sublime Bliss:              £180 recommended for first time visits

3 hours of healing and bliss:        £270 for sexual healing and massage

1 1/2 hours of sublime bliss:       £140 recommended for repeat clients only

2 hour b2b massage:                 £280 for experienced tantric clients only

3 hour Shiva/Shakti massage:    £350 no previous experience necessary

3 hour Shamanic  massage:       £350 no previous experience necessary

2 - 5 hour Nirvana:                 £150 per hour

Couple session 4 hours:             £475 + travel expenses

Tandava: 6 month training:        £300 per month, or £1,600 in advance.


Which Massage is best for me?

Especially if this is your first time and you are trying to decide which session would be the most appropriate one for you, here is some more information which will help you to make the choice which is right for you.

First Time: If this is your first visit to Ananda Tantra I highly recommend that you book a minimum of 2 hours or even 3 hours. It takes the body some time to totally relax in a new and alien environment and it also takes some time to learn the basic Tantric Breathing Techniques which I teach everyone. I also like to be able to discuss your specific requirements, medical history in terms of relevance to the current situation.

Healing and Tantric Massage: Many people find themselves under pressure though stress at work or in family which impacts on their sexual enjoyment. Others find themselves trapped through the side effects of popular drugs for blood pressure, diabetes, Statins and others. A combination of one hour Energy Healing (see my other website: together with the various Tantric Breathing Techniques and the magic of the Tantric Massage has been very beneficial and life-changing for many clients. This kind of serious work can not be done in a hurry; therefore I recommend a minimum of 3 hours for the initial consultation.

 Regular Tantric Massage:

The 90 minute session is designed for clients who come and see me on a regular basis, who are already practising the Tantric Breathing Techniques and do not need a full introduction any more.

Body2Body Tantric Massage:

This massage is a progression from the basic Tantric Massage. It expands on the singular Tantric Breathing and incorporates the two way orbit breathing which calibrates the breath with the partner. This massage is given on the floor, not on the massage couch as all the others. Both the giver and receiver are fully undressed (naturist) and I use the whole of my body to massage, not just my hands. This is a much more intimate experience although the receiver’s role is relatively passive there is room for more interaction and participation.

Not everybody is ready to move on to this step after just one session of Tantric Massage, although some people are naturally gifted and fast learners, whilst others need some time to master the basic Tantric Techniques. That’s why it is important to leave the decision when a client is ready to move on will be left to me to make.

Shiva/Shakti  Massage

Shiva Massage

3 hours of serene bliss. This massage is performed on the well padded ground where giver and receiver are both starting dressed in a sarong which is removed in the ritual introduction and continues naturist.  The connection between giver and receiver is maintained through joined breathing, which is quite audible at all times. This massage includes a full pelvic floor massage and a choice of either lingam or golden spot (prostate) massage. (Please do not ask me to perform both, as it is an overload of the senses.) This massage can lead to some very deep release work and I recommend this massage only to be experienced  when it is possible to let the full effects be observed and experienced. Preferably at the end of the day, or at the beginning of the weekend , or a break from work and responsibilities.

No previous experience in Tantric Massage necessary.

Shakti Massage

The female version of the Shiva Massage including a Yoni massage. You chose which options are most appropriate for you. Either external only or external and internal yoni massage.

No previouse experience in Tantric Massage necessary.

Shamanic Healing Massage

Based on the North American teachings of the Twisted Hair Elders, these indigenous sexual power rituals and techniques have been preserved and handed down through special wisdom keepers. The QUODOUSHKA teachings are part of the knowledge of the ‘Sweet Medicine SunDance’ Tradition of the ‘Twisted Hairs Council of Elders’ as taught by ThunderStrikes, Lineage Nagual. Brought to the UK by ThunderBear, Batty Gold and ThunderEagle, Rose Fink.

This massage is performed on the well padded ground with both the giver and the receiver naturist. It is a journey deep into the body, right down to the bones which releases stuck energy and frees the body and spirit restoring inner elemental balance.

No previous experience in Tantric Massage necessary.

In principle similar to the session on the massage table, but with more physical contact with both Tantrikas. The added bonus is that the client has full freedom of movements, your comfort is our desire. If you have any special requests, be sure to ask in advance.

2-5 Hour Nirvana Session:

Based on the Chinese Tradition of the Pillow-Book, this session is unique in the sense that the client can chose and request to practice or experience a variety of different Techniques, which are all collected in the Pillow - Book with explanations and illustrations. This is aimed more for the frequent tantric client or for someone who wants to explore more deeply  the rituals of giving and receiving.

Couple Session:

Many couples would like to learn to massage each other, or how to connect more intimately with each other. The desire to bring a new Spark into a relationship or simply the need to grow into a deeper way or relating to each other. The couple session does not follow a set routine, instead I deal with each couple on their specific issues and desires. Hence the prices and times may vary.

Tandava - Deep Dive - Individual Training

Over the years I have been approached by some of my clients with requests for deeper individual training.

I have resisted the temptation of working with groups but prefer to work with individuals to support them on their journey to awaken to conscious loving and living. Whether you are on a spiritual journey, or are deepening your desire for more intimate relationships, or having to deal with sexual trauma and are on a journey of healing and transformation. These individual training sessions are specifically designed for you.

The minimum commitment is for 6 month at a time. This includes 2 sessions per month for about 2 hours each time. After the 6 month we review and decide if you want to continue or if you have achieved your desired goals.

If you feel that this is of interest to you, please contact me directly.


Monday – Friday   10 am - 19.30 pm (start of session) (Bracknell only)
Saturdays              11am – 19.30 pm (Bracknell only)

PS: Please note that I do NOT visit clients in Hotels (it is not that kind of massage) especially not late at night.

 to book an appointment e-mail or call 

 mobile: 077 99 26 87 52