The sublime Bliss experience, reconnecting ecstasy to everyday life



My name is Roswitha and my journey into Tantra began with my initiation at the age of 16 through a personal master, this included a spiritual transmission process and many years of personal practice, long before I ever heard or read about Tantra. Later on my teachers were Terrie George at the School of Energy Healing, personal tuition with Martin and Maria at Alegraluz in Marbella, Spain and workshops with Daniel Odier in Switzerland.

Shamanic Sexual Power teachings of the "Sweet Medicine Sun Dance" Quodoushka workshops with ThunderBear and ThunderEagle in the UK. And the countless people who touch my life and will forever remain unnamed.

I have trained extensively in the healing arts.

I am an ITEC qualified holistic massage therapist,with lymph drainage massage,  aromatherapy, indian headmassage training and tantra massage training with Alegraluz and with Daniel Odier.

I hav also studied Energy Healing for 3 years at the School of Energy Healing, which covers many different healing techniques.

My training also includes Shamanic Healing Practioner with Howard Charing at the Eagle's Wing.

I am fully insured.

The inner journey of expanding consiousness is something I would love to share with the world. My motivation is in the desire to be understood. The moment this desire is becoming conscious it no longer is of any importance. Every person has to find their own way into the garden of infinite love and total consciousness. I have no desire to become a teacher or a guru but offer a helping hand and support to my fellow travellers.

We recognise each other ....

We recognise the true nature of the Self....

I am that I am