The sublime Bliss experience, reconnecting ecstasy to everyday life



My name is Roswitha and my journey into Tantra began with my initiation at the age of 16 through a personal master, this included a spiritual transmission process and many years of personal practice, long before I ever heard or read about Tantra. Later on my teachers were Terrie George at the School of Energy Healing, personal tuition with Martin and Maria at Alegraluz in Marbella, Spain and workshops with Daniel Odier in Switzerland.

Shamanic Sexual Power teachings of the "Sweet Medicine Sun Dance" Quodoushka workshops with ThunderBear and ThunderEagle in the UK. And the countless people who touch my life and will forever remain unnamed.

I have trained extensively in the healing arts.

I am an ITEC qualified holistic massage therapist,with lymph drainage massage,  aromatherapy, indian headmassage training and tantra massage training with Alegraluz and with Daniel Odier.

I hav also studied Energy Healing for 3 years at the School of Energy Healing, which covers many different healing techniques.

My training also includes Shamanic Healing Practioner with Howard Charing at the Eagle's Wing.

I am fully insured.

The inner journey of expanding consiousness is something I would love to share with the world. My motivation is in the desire to be understood. The moment this desire is becoming conscious it no longer is of any importance. Every person has to find their own way into the garden of infinite love and total consciousness. I have no desire to become a teacher or a guru but offer a helping hand and support to my fellow travellers.

We recognise each other ....

We recognise the true nature of the Self....

I am that I am



I Isa want to share with you the life affirming practice of breath-work and sacred sexuality.
Ongoing personal study in Tantric yoga, breath-work techniques and love giver, contribute to the development of my own soft and loving style in sharing this knowledge.

My background in massage and yoga is with Alegraluz therapist  experience in grounding and awareness that comes with anatomy and physiology. Within our high paced demanding society sexual difficulty is very often rooted in physiological stress as well as psychological anxiety.

I was raised in a catholic family that treated sexuality as a dangerous sinful thing.  So sex for me has always been something a little scary, mysterious, not something that you spoke about. I’ve also studied psychology and coaching, but have always found myself drawn toward eastern and western philosophies.

I’m not religious, though I am spiritual, but having practiced yoga for 20 years and practice meditation regularly. I know the positive effects these ancient practices have on my life. But of these practices I have never found anything quite like Tantra to quiet my mind and awaken my awareness.

Becoming a Tantra Instructor was a wonderful experience for me. I love the concept and practices of Tantra. It is a beautiful, simple and loving way of reconnecting and re-inspiring a relationship.

To teach a man to naturally be sexy, without nasal spray or a pill, enhance and master his physical prowess, while connecting with his heart, so a couple’s love is stronger and deeper than ever before…..and if I can help a woman find her inner Goddess… Wow, what a wonderful gift to give to the world!!


My background includes

  • Certified Massage Therapist Aromatherapy
  •  Psychology level 3
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Life Coach Training CTI
  • Tantra and Sexual Healing Certification Alegraluz
  • My Age- 40y
  • Brown long hair, Tan Skin, 5/5 feet high, size 10 and nice smile :)
  • Name -Isa
  • My spare time- Swimming, Cycling, Cooking, Yoga, Reading, Gardening and enjoying life!!!         and an ongoing fascination with the human potential the natural world and the miracle that is our body!

I like to work with clients under the understanding that nothing I teach is presented as the ultimate truth, sharing my knowledge, observation and opinion, based on my experiences and what wisdom I have gathered.

I believe that sexual energy is at the source as the vitality and creativity we wish to share with the world. When this unobstructed flow moves through our entire body, we can direct it towards healing, rejuvenation and expanding consciousness.

Tantric practice clears an unobstructed path for one’s vital energy throughout the body. Learning to slow down, be present, and to get back into our bodies are the essence of all yogic practice.

My intention is to aid in the unleashing of vital energy with tools that keep this possibility accessible for my clients for the rest of their lives.


Isa :) x